The beaconcam is down - long live the beaconcam!

On 26, July 2010 we finally took down the beaconcam. Many thanks to everyone at Enabling Technologies, and the Glasgow Science Centre for hosting it for us. The following text is left as an archive of the Beacon project.

The Govan Graving Beacon

An automated light placed on the Govan Graving Docks that flashes messages in Morse Code towards The Glasgow Science Centre and surrounding area. When you send a message to the Beacon it will translate your text message to Morse code, flash it out, and text you a reply.

Some messages sent to the Beacon will be archived via Twitter@GovanBeacon. You can watch the Beacon via thebeaconcam installed in the Glasgow Science Centre.

For the start of this project we've decided to limit communication to the Beacon to folks who are local, visiting the beacon in person, or who receive one of our Text the Beacon postcards. Invitations to text the Beacon will be given out to the community surrounding the Graving Docks and to visitors to The Glasgow Science Centre, who can see the Beacon in front of The Millennium Tower. Invitations to text the Beacon will also be given out during some GI Festival events.

If you really want to text the Beacon but can't come and see it in person, contact us. Our desire in limiting access to the Beacon is to allow the project to be locally rooted, not to be exclusive. So if you ask, we'll probably send you the number.

find the beacon

The Govan Graving Beacon is located on the Govan Graving Docks (Dry Docks) and is easily viewable from in front of The Millennium Tower at theGlasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, G51 1EA. It can also be seen from various points across the Clyde River.

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Unfortunately, there is no public access to the Graving Docks as they are derelict and thus unsafe.

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